yakumo saryo

2009.8- / Yakumo Meguro-ku Tokyo / Japanese restaurant, Sabo

For over ten years, we have offered modern, daily enjoyment and a plentiful lifestyle. We have been blessed with many customers and artisans, as well as their craft and material. Such wonderful encounters led to the creation of Yakumo Saryo. It is a space to keep you away from the chaos and clamor of the city, a space where you can indulge, heal the mind and body, and discover the blend of both old and new.

A taste to be enjoyed with all five senses and the necessary culinary craft to realize this. With these two ideals, we aim to express modern-day Japan; from the new encounters and exchanges that will be born here in future. Together with our diners, we hope to cultivate a space for cultural transmission as a modern cultural salon and as the ultimate dining experience.